Publication Date: March 2021
Research and Editorial Team: Pauline Betche, Martin Hoffmann for ECPMF

In Germany, 2020 was the year with the highest attacks on journalists since these data have been monitored.

The increase is related to Covid-related demonstrations, where most people refuse to believe in a free pluralistic press.

The key findings of the study:

  1. A negative record: 2020 presented the highest number of incidents in a year (69) since the first Feindbild study was published
  2. The most dangerous location for the job: 71% of attacks took place during pandemic-related protests
  3. The geography of violence: 23 attacks in Berlin. Sachsen remains a hotspot with 19 attacks
  4. The political imprinting of the perpetrators: 33 incidents can't be placed on left/right spectrum; 31 cases right wing; 5 left wing
  5. Lasting trend: In 2021, already 8 new attacks verified
  6. Overall, 182 cases documented and verified between 2015 and 2020
Tags: Safety of journalists Germany

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