Publication Date: May 2024
Research and Editorial Team: Emily Hart, Nicole Steward-Streng, Greg Maya

Global Expression Report 2024

In preparing the GxR the research team adopts a broad and olistic view of freedom of expression, taking into consideration the right of everyone – and not only journalists or activists - to freely express, communicate and participate.

The GxR analyses the situation of freedom of expression across 161 countries. It creates a global ranking based on 25 indicators. Based on their score, countries are divided into 5 expression categories: open, less restricted, restricted, highly restricted or crisis.

According to the 2024 GxR, 39 countries live in a situation of crisis when it comes to freedom of expression, accounting for more than a half of the global population, while only 23% of the population lives in open and less restricted expression environments.

The reports provides detailed data on five regions: Sub-Saharan Africa, Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, and Europe and Central Asia.

As far as the latter is concerned, the majority of contries are considered open or less restricted environments for freedom of expression (23 and 14 respectively), while 7 are described as in crisis.

Tags: Freedom of expression

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