Publication Date: January 2016
Research and Editorial Team: Erol Önderoğlu

In the period October-December 2015, three Syrian journalists have been killed in Antep.

Arrested journalists increased from 22 in the same period of 2014 to 31 in 2015. Along with these, 8 distributors have also been jailed. 17 of these journalists and all of the distributors are from Kurdish media and charged with being affiliated to “the organization”.

93 persons including 42 journalists face charges of defaming the President.

26 journalists have been put on trial on the basis of Anti-terror Law and 58 others with charges of having contacts with “illegal organization”. In addition, 4 journalists are on trial with charges of “inciting to armed riot” and “attempt to coup”, 2 others are on trial with charges of “being a member of a terrorist organization”.

In the 4th quarter, more than 213 journalists and media employees were laid off or forced to quit, a number four times bigger than the one registered in the previous year.

Moreover, the report notes, in the period from October to December 2015, censorship expanded to TV broadcasting, with 18 TV channels having been excluded from digital platforms.

Findings of the report are summarized in this infographic by Bianet. 

Tags: Turkey Censorship Defamation and Libel

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