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Whether you are a journalist, an independent expert, or part of an organisation, use this section to suggest reports, analyses, case studies, trainings, and other opportunities for media professionals and European citizens to improve their knowledge on media freedom and pluralism in Europe. Let us know about your work and other valid sources, so that it can be shared with the broader community!

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You can help us improve the quality and richness of this Resource Centre by contributing with your own ideas, work and support. Submit your entry by using the form embedded in this section, without forgetting to include a valid link through which your input can be accessed online.

A participative aim

In this section of the Resource Centre, users are encouraged to upload their own contents to share them online. In this manner, both individuals and organizations may contribute improving the quality and richness of the Resource Centre. At the same time, this is also a channel through which publications, analyses and researches may reach a broader audience,fostering awareness and discussion and ultimately cultivating public debate on media freedom and pluralism in Europe.

Who can contribute

Both independent experts (e.g. journalists, media experts, practitioners…) and organizations such as think-tanks and NGO are encouraged to contribute to this platform.

Which contents may be uploaded

We wish to give space to different kinds of contributions, provided that they are relevant for the current debate and contribute to raising awareness regarding media freedom and pluralism in Europe. Through this section, we aim to collect reports, analyses, researches, including both a European focus or a country-specific perspective. You may also use this section to let us know about events, prizes, trainings or any other opportunity for journalists and media practitioners. In each case, please make sure to include a valid link through which your input can be accessed online, and the relevant information that may help us clearly identify and contextualize your work.

Important copyright note!

Sharing your work with the broad community of the Resource Centre does not modify the copyright regime you choose for your work. The resource you are sharing will be reviewed and then presented to the community through an active link sneding to the webpage where it is originally hosted. In this way, we make sure that the copyright regime and other relevant criteria remain exactly the same as you have defined them. 

How to upload content

Users may upload contents by simply filling in the form embedded in this section. Make sure to include a valid link to the content you want to share and to indicate a valid email address. The latter will be kept confidential and used only in case we need clarification about your contribution. Once you have submitted an entry, the editorial team of the Resource Centre will review and categorize it in order to find the most appropriate way to enhance its visibility.