According to the authors, "Tölle v. Croatia is another step in the ECtHR’s deconstruction of a male-oriented approach by domestic authorities in the domain of protection of privacy and reputation and the right to freedom of expression".

And: "In Tölle v. Croatia the ECtHR criticizes the approach by the domestic authorities, not only in terms of a lack of proper balancing between the conflicting rights at issue, but also because of the insufficient attention to the impact of the conviction of Ms Tölle. The ECtHR indeed emphasizes that the criminal conviction of Ms Tölle resulted in a sort of censorship which might have discouraged her from promoting her organisation’s statutory aims of protecting and supporting women victims of domestic violence".

The full article is published here .

Tags: SLAPP Freedom of expression European Court of Human Rights Croatia
Publication Date: 05/01/2021
Research and Editorial Team: By Dirk Voorhoof and Inger Høedt-Rasmussen, published by the Strasbourg Observer