Armenia has worked on the legislative, regulatory and practical details of digital switchover for many years. The Law is hence to be welcomed as it ensures a proper legal framework so that market participants can have legal certainty.

Most of the content detailed in the Law is of a practical and technical nature and does not raise concerns from a freedom of expression viewpoint. Article by article analysis is provided in the report.

Amendments introduced, which are mostly implemented to enable private entities to provide digital transmission and hence to develop a diverse digital broadcasting environment, may in some case result to be onerous and thus discourage an active market.

Some recommendations are made and these matters pointed out in an Article by Article analysis, pointing especially to the fact that any limitations imposed on private operators need to be very clear and defined by law.

Tags: Armenia Legal protection Public broadcasting
Publication Date: 14/01/2016
Research and Editorial Team: Professor Dr Katrin Nyman Metcalf (Tallinn Law School at Tallinn University of Technology)