ECFPM SLAPP project that was funded by the Justice for Journalists Foundation Investigative Grant Programme.

SLAPPs are a severe threat to media and press freedom, freedom of expression, the rule of law and democracy, the foundational EU values that EU lawmakers are obliged to protect.

The problem of SLAPPs against journalists, activists, and human rights defenders must be addressed on the EU level. Legislative action is needed. The EU anti-SLAPP Directive and Council of Europe Recommendations are fundamental to raise awareness about SLAPPs dangers and to lead to a change.

The EU and the CoE efforts should be complemented by a reform of private international law, particularly Brussels I (recast) and Rome II Regulations. The reform is essential to avoiding forum shopping in defamation lawsuits.

Furthermore, media freedom organizations and other NGOs should continue providing direct support to those affected by SLAPPs and raising public awareness about the abusive use of lawsuits to silence critical voices and its detrimental impact on human rights and democracy.

The full analysis was published here .


Publication Date: 24/02/2021
Research and Editorial Team: by Laurens Hueting, Paulina Milewska, and Theresa Seipp of ECPMF