Every year, IREX issues the Media Sustainability Index (MSI), with funding from USAID, providing in-depth analyses of the conditions for independent media in 80 countries across the world. IREX Media Sustainability Index (MSI) considers developments over time, with a specific focus on economic sustainability; quality of journalism and management practices.

Five different objectives are assessed in this report:

- freedom of speech;

- professional journalism;

- plurality of news sources;

- business management;

- supporting institutions;

Comparative data are provided for each indicator in a time span of several years. The overall performance of each country is confronted with the developments registered in the other countries of the region.

MSI Europe & Eurasia Chapters scrutinize the following countries:

Albania | Armenia | Azerbaijan | Belarus | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bulgaria | Croatia | Georgia | Kazakhstan |Kosovo | Kyrgyzstan | Macedonia | Moldova | Montenegro | Romania | Russia | Serbia | Tajikistan |Turkmenistan | Ukraine | Uzbekistan

Tags: Ethics of journalism Media pluralism Legal protection
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IREX Media Sustainability Index (MSI)