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Ethical decision-making is as essential to a journalist's craft as interviewing, writing, editing, photography and design. 

This course will help you develop a process for making ethical decisions — before you're faced with a tough call on deadline. It will help you identify and understand the ethical questions that can arise in any story you are working on. And it will give you the confidence to make those tough calls and defend your decisions to your editors, your colleagues and your audience.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify ethical issues in stories you cover
  • Understand the guiding principles and values of ethical journalism
  • Develop and follow a rational process for figuring out your options when faced with an ethics problem
  • Practice sound ethical decision-making
  • Justify the decisions you make to your editors, your colleagues and your audience
Tags: Journalism education Ethics of journalism
Duration: Always available
Publisher: The Poynter Institute