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News University , the Poynter Institute  e-learning project, is offering the course "Hooked on junk news: breaking bad habits and rebuilding trust in the media".


Kristi Kenneth will share the Newseum’s techniques for drawing students and adults into deeper conversations about where news comes from, how it affects their lives and how they can arm themselves to evaluate the information they encounter. From real-life case studies and examples to mnemonic hooks, you’ll see how teaching media literacy is not only essential, it can also be fun.


  • Learn how the general public perceives some of the issues that dominate today’s conversations about the media, based on on-the-ground experience teaching classes and professional development workshops around the globe.
  • Understand why NewseumED and others believe that building media literacy is essential to addressing the problems of today’s media landscape.
  • Discover essential, easy-to-share media literacy concepts that resonate with and empower news consumers.
  • Learn how to employ NewseumED’s free resources to improve conversations about topics like “fake” news or sponsored content and to help foster media literacy.


This session is designed to engage both working journalists who want to be proactive about shaping the reputation and reception of their profession and journalism educators seeking to prepare their students for the realities of today’s participatory media landscape.

Originally Broadcast On: April 26, 2018

Type: Webinar

Registration is free and ongoing. For more information on how to register, click here.

Tags: Journalism education Ethics of journalism
Duration: Always available
Publisher: The Poynter Institute