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The Ratiu Forum, a collaborative initiative involving LSE IDEAS (London School of Economics) and the Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation, is currently inviting applications for the 2024 Journalism Mentorship Programme. This opportunity is accessible to ambitious, early-career aspiring journalists from Romania and Moldova who aim to enhance their professional skills and gain a deeper understanding of the Central and East European region.

The program is scheduled to take place from January to July 2024 and will encompass online sessions along with an in-person workshop at the Ratiu Conference Centre in Turda, Romania. Participants will be able to learn from experienced journalists associated with prestigious institutions such as the Financial Times, BBC, New Eastern Europe Magazine, and the Associated Press. They will also have the opportunity to engage with a variety of prominent experts who specialize in cutting-edge topics relevant to the CEE region.

Application deadline: Friday, December 15th 2023

All info and instruction for applying on The Ratiu Forum page

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Start Date: 01/01/2024
End Date: 31/07/2024