In the frame of the initiative #Wiki4MediaFreedom, realised within the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF), OBC updated,
improved and translated into Italian the Wikipedia's entry on Pavel Sheremet, award-winning Belarusian journalist dead in a car explosion
in Kyiv on July 20. Pavel Sheremet, who worked for the independent news website Ukrainska Pravda, was awarded the Committee to Protect
Journalists' International Press Freedom Award in 1999 and the OSCE's Prize for Journalism and Democracy in 2002. Sheremet carried out a
relevant investigative work on political abuses in Belarus, in connection of which he was jailed in 1997 for three months.

By improving and curating contents, #Wiki4MediaFreedom contributes to disseminate quality information on media freedom and its advocates
in the widest open encyclopedia worldwide. In doing so, it also helps keeping the memory of brave journalists, such as Pavel Sheremet, alive.

See the entry on Pavel Sheremet in Wikipedia in English and Italian .

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