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Ethics in the news - EJN Report on Challenges for Journalists in the Post-truth Era - Reports

A report by the Ethical Journalism Network provides assistance to journalists facing the challenges of researching and reporting stories in the post-truth era

State-media financial relations in the countries of South East Europe - Reports

A regional overview of monetary flows between the state and the media is South East Europe demonstrates the systematic misuse of public funds for establishing control over media

Bad Practices, Bad Faith: Soft Censorship in Macedonia - Reports

The practice of soft censorship is undermining the media industry across Macedonia through financial incentives and partisan influence

Media ownership and finances in Kosovo: Legal vacuum and lack of transparency - Reports

This country report by the South East European Media Observatory investigates the lack of transparency in media ownership and financing in Kosovo

State-Media Financial Relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Increasingly Dependent and Disciplined Media - Reports

Overwhelming financial relations between the state and the media and lack of transparency affect media integrity in Bosnia and Herzegovina

State-Media Financial Relations in Serbia - Reports

The beginning of media privatization process in Serbia, set out in 2015, creates opportunities for independence but also poses potential challenges for media independence in the country

Media Ownership and Financing in Montenegro. Weak Regulation Enforcement and Persistence of Media Control - Reports

Concentration of media ownership and weak implementation of existing regulations subverts media freedom in Montenegro

State-Media Financial Relations in Macedonia: Media Freedom Curbed with Public Money - Reports

In Macedonia, the funds allocated to the media by the government increased over the years, feeding corruption and clientelism

State-Media Financial Relations in Albania. Nurturing client-based media practices - Reports

This study, implemented within the SEE Media Observatory Phase 2 research component, focuses on financial relations between the state and media in Albania

Articles of asphyxiation. Soft censorship in Hungary - Reports

This report highlights the latest developments in the Hungarian media landscape by considering Soft Censorship practices such as state advertising, captured channels, bribery and payments as well as by esaminating regulatory and administrative pressures on the media