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RWB Violations of press freedom barometer - Monitoring tool

RWB barometer provides detailed information on the numbers and circumstances of murder and detention against journalists and media workers, from the year 2000 onwards

Deterioration of media freedom in Croatia Thursday 01 December 2016 - Infographic


;  Mappingmediafreedom  monitoring activities and the observation presented by the Croatian Journalists' Association. Detailed background information is available in the  Media Pluralism in Croatia  published ... Croatia, Media_freedom, Media_monitoring, Freedom_of_expression, Defamation and Libel ... Croatia Media_freedom Media_monitoring Freedom_of_expression Defamation and Libel ... Croatia is recording a generalized decline of the conditions pertaining to media freedom and pluralism ... Deterioration of media freedom in Croatia

Getting Away With Murder 2016 - CPJ Global Impunity Index - Reports

CPJ’s 2016 Global Impunity Index exposes impunity for crimes against journalists and the countries in which the phenomenon is more worrying

Media development and Countering Violent Extremism - Reports

How does the agenda on "Countering violent extremism" interact with the field of media development? A CIMA report provides an introduction to the debate between these two fields of action

Internet users’ preferences for accessing content online - Reports

Flash Eurobarometer 437, carried out in March 2016, focuses on Internet users’ preferences for accessing content online

Journalists and media in Ukraine after Euromaidan - Reports

Reporters without Borders assessment of Ukrainian media landscape after Euromaidan revolution

Media ownership: towards Pan-European groups? - Reports

A publication of the European Audiovisual Observatory shows how few media companies are controlling large part of broadcasting market in Europe

Media Pluralism Monitor 2015 - Monitoring tool

The Media Pluralism Monitor 2015 is a measurement tool designed to assess the risks to media pluralism in EU member states. The second MPM pilot-project is a follow-up to the Media Pluralism Monitor  2014, covering new countries

Media Pluralism Monitor 2014 - Monitoring tool

The Media Pluralism Monitor 2014 is a measurement tool updating and testing previous monitoring tools, designed to assess the risks to media pluralism in EU member states

IREX Media Sustainability Index (MSI) - Monitoring tool

IREX Media Sustainability Index (MSI) considers developments over time, with a specific focus on economic sustainability; quality of journalism and management practices