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Border news - Third annual report about media coverage of migrations - Reports

The refugee crisis in 2015 posed a significant challenge to European politics and to media reporting on this topic. assesses how media covered the refugee crisis in Italy

Media Freedom and the growth of the European public sphere - Reports

This position paper drafted by OBC discusses the challenges to media freedom and pluralism in Europe, considering the challenges for prtecting these rights within EU member states and in candidate and potential candidate in South-East Europe

Bad Practices, Bad Faith: Soft Censorship in Macedonia - Reports

The practice of soft censorship is undermining the media industry across Macedonia through financial incentives and partisan influence

EU Communication Policy in Its Neighbourhood in Light of Third-Party Propaganda - Reports

How EU can face Russian rhetoric and IS propaganda? A report from the Polish Institue of International Affairs

Access to Public Information in Georgia (2010 – 2015) - Reports

This report analyses several Georgian state institutions and assesses how they provide information to the public

Macedonia in the digital age – between the rights and responsibilities while communicating on Internet - Reports

An overview of the legal framework, the implementation and the role of the self-regulatory mechanisms in the sphere of online media and communications in Macedonia

ERGA Report on the independence of National Regulatory Authorieties - Reports

The report provides recommendations on the characteristics of the independent regulatory authorities, providing elements to be taken into consideration by the Commission in the review of the AVMSD

Media ownership and finances in Kosovo: Legal vacuum and lack of transparency - Reports

This country report by the South East European Media Observatory investigates the lack of transparency in media ownership and financing in Kosovo

Media Ownership and Finances in Turkey. Increasing Concentration and Clientelism - Reports

This report explores the mechanisms through which ownership concentration and political clientelism limit media freedom and diversity in Turkey

Propaganda and Freedom of the Media - Reports

In response to the increasing impact of propaganda witnessed within the conflict in Ukraine, this treatise developed by the OSCE Representative’s Office offers an in-depth look at the legal and historical basis against propaganda and provides suggestions to tackle it