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IREX Media Sustainability Index (MSI) - Monitoring tool

IREX Media Sustainability Index (MSI) considers developments over time, with a specific focus on economic sustainability; quality of journalism and management practices

New Wikipedia page created: Media of Georgia - Wikipedia Item

The new Wikipedia article "Media of Georgia" has been created in February 2016

Freedom of Information Guidebook - Reports

The guidebook explains how the right to access information is legally protected in Georgia, and on which grounds it can be restricted, providing everyday life examples

Internet Ownership Project - Monitoring tool

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), Rise Project and EurActiv Romania have launched this monitoring platform focusing on internet ownership transparency in Eastern Europe

Access to Public Information in Georgia (2010 – 2015) - Reports

This report analyses several Georgian state institutions and assesses how they provide information to the public

EU Journalism Prize 2015 in Georgia - Opportunities

EU Prize for Journalism acknowledges the work of those Georgian journalists who have demonstrated journalistic integrity and professionalism

Freedom on the net 2015 - Reports

Freedom on the Net – a comprehensive report on internet freedom produced annually by Freedom House - analyses the state censorship of on-line media in 65 countries around the world

Media Development Foundation - Stakeholders

The Media Development Foundation (MDF), is a non-governmental organization based in Tbilisi (Georgia) aiming to support open and inclusive society, facilitating full integration of minorities, promoting gender equality, diversity and pluralism protect human rights, freedom of speech and expression by ensuring a free and professional media environment.

Eastern Partnership Media Freedom Landscape 2014 - Reports

The report is based on close monitoring of media freedom in the 6 countries of the Eastern Partnership during the period 2013-2015

Hate speech and xenophobia. Media monitoring report 2014-2015 - Reports

The report exposes the incidence of hate speech and xenophobia on Georgian media and public domain