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Towards a European society equipped to respond to SLAPPs - HTML5 video

The anti-SLAPP proposed directive and the anti-SLAPP Recommendations adopted by the EC in April 2022 signal an increased awareness of the need for effective policy and practical tools to counter vexatious lawsuits against public participation. By exploring existing challenges and viable approaches to counter gag lawsuits, the panel tries to identify effective models to strengthen resilience and foster cooperation among relevant actors, such as journalists, activists and legal practitioners.

European Media Freedom Act - HTML5 video

The panel explores the innovations included in the European Media Freedom Act, focussing on how the challenging attempt to harmonise the norms and provisions that regulate journalism in the different member states can either promote or curb the free exercise of the profession and the rights to freedom of expression in the European space. From state advertising and state funded media to media ownership, from the protection of editorial independence to anti-surveillance measures, the EMFA addresses contested domains where conflictual political views and economic demands challenge the essence of journalism as a cornerstone of our democracy.

Ensuring the safety of journalists: the role of law enforcement authorities - HTML5 video

In 2021 the European Commission adopted its Recommendations on the protection, safety and empowerment of journalists calling on Member states to ensure safe working conditions for journalists and media workers. Yet, threats and attacks against journalists remain an issue of concern in many EU member states as well as in candidate countries. The panel investigates the relationship between journalism and law enforcement authorities: on the one hand it will explore the potential for a constructive collaboration, while on the other it will discuss the potential threat that law enforcement authorities may represent when they act in a context of fragile rule of law.

Interview with Francesco Zambon - HTML5 video

Francesco Zambon was one of the speakers at the first public event of the CASE Italia working group on combating SLAPPs, organised in Rome on 16th October 2023 as part of the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) project. In this short video, he explains what it means for a whistleblower to be targeted by a multi-million dollar lawsuit.