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ARTICLE 19 comments on new Italian regulation on ‘hate speech’ - Reports

Some improvements, but also lack of compliance with the international framework: a mixed judgment by ARTICLE 19 welcomes the new AGCOM Regulation in Italy, while hate speech remains a great concern in the country

Journalists dismissed from Polish public radio return to work - Legal Resources

Two journalists were dismissed in December 2016 from Polish Radio for "disciplinary reasons". Both filed a court action against the dismissal and are now reinstatement to their job

Audiovisual services in Europe. Focus on services targeting other countries - Reports

An analysis of cross-border audiovisual services in Europe, their ownership and market power

Consolidation of broadcasting groups across Europe Monday 15 May 2017 - Infographic


The European audiovisual market is witnessing the consolidation of a few big groups dominating the scenario. Based on data presented in a recent MAVISE report , two initial observations ... Media_ownership, Media_pluralism, Concentration_of_Media_Ownership, Data_visualization, Council_of_Europe_member_states, Audiovisual_Media_Services ... Media_ownership Media_pluralism Concentration_of_Media_Ownership Data_visualization Council_of_Europe_member_states Audiovisual_Media_Services ... The European audiovisual market is witnessing the consolidation of a few big groups dominating the scenario, both at the national and transnational levels

Yearbook of the European Audiovisual Observatory - Datasets

The Yearbook is an online service for data and analysis on television, cinema, Video on Demand and home video in the European countries. It includes data on market shares, services offered, financing and the main players in each branch of these industries

Digital Agenda key indicators - Datasets

European Commission services selected more than 100 indicators, divided into thematic groups, which illustrate some key dimensions of the European information society

Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions in 2017 - Reports

The report gives a preview on the challenges in journalism, media and technology, which media corporations will face in 2017

Poland: Independence of Public Service Media - Reports

Article 19 and the Polish Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights make light on the worrying trends in the Polish public media

MAVISE Database on TV and on-demand audiovisual services in Europe - Datasets

MAVISE is the database of audiovisual services available in Europe, maintained by the European Audiovisual Observatory

The Greek TV Licencing Series Story Explained - HTML5 video

The revision of the Greek TV licencing has triggered a major debate over corruption and control of the media. In this video, AthensLive explains recent developments