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IJF19: Can art save journalism? - HTML5 video

A panel about innovation in video storytelling

Journalists Imprisoned in 2018 Friday 14 December 2018 - Infographic


Media_freedom, Imprisoned_journalists, Turkey, Fake_news_and_disinformation, Azerbaijan, Data_visualization, Data_journalism ... Media_freedom Imprisoned_journalists Turkey Fake_news_and_disinformation Azerbaijan Data_visualization Data_journalism

Reconstruction of the socio-semantic dynamics of political activist Twitter networks - Academic Sources

A case study of the French political landscape on Twitter during the 2017 presidential election, and how different political communities share fake news and debunks

CIJ Course: Data Visualisation - Training

When, why, and how to turn data into something visual

R for Journalists - Training

Take your data journalism skills to the next level with this two-day course looking at R for journalists

Data Visualisation - Training

An evening course in London on the principles of visualising data

Data Visualisation - Training

A one-day course in London on the principles of visualising data

Consolidation of broadcasting groups across Europe Monday 15 May 2017 - Infographic


The European audiovisual market is witnessing the consolidation of a few big groups dominating the scenario. Based on data presented in a recent MAVISE report , two initial observations ... Media_ownership, Media_pluralism, Concentration_of_Media_Ownership, Data_visualization, Council_of_Europe_member_states, Audiovisual_Media_Services ... Media_ownership Media_pluralism Concentration_of_Media_Ownership Data_visualization Council_of_Europe_member_states Audiovisual_Media_Services

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel - Training

This MOOC by edX provides the tools to get and transform data, create visualization, present the most relevant data with dynamic reports and presentations by using Microsoft Excel

Access Info Europe: Accessing companies registers #3 Tuesday 02 February 2016 - Infographic


Access_to_Information, Data_visualization, Open_data ... Access_to_Information Data_visualization Open_data