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EJN 5 point Guide for Migration Reporting Friday 07 October 2016 - Infographic


Migrations_in_media, Ethics_of_journalism ... Migrations_in_media Ethics_of_journalism ... The Ethical Journalism Network presented the EJN’s new guidelines for migration reporting at Prix Italia’s conference on migration in Lampedusa on 1 October 2016

Hate speech: a 5 point test for journalists Monday 23 November 2015 - Infographic


There is no accepted international definition of hate speech and this challenges the task of judge exactly what constitutes hate-speech.  This infographic by the Ethical Journalism Network ... Hate_Speech, Ethics_of_journalism ... Hate_Speech Ethics_of_journalism ... How can journalists determine what is hate speech? A 5-point test has been developed by Ethical Journalism Network in several languages