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Freedom of Expression Awards Fellowship - Opportunities

Index on Censorship offers 4 fellowships to free expression champions in journalism, campaigning, arts and digital activism

Freedom House - Freedom of the Press - Monitoring tool

Freedom House assesses the challenges for media freedom worldwide in its annual Freedom of the Press report. The finding of Freedom House monitoring activity are presented also through interactive maps

How Free is Your Press? Survey by Open Democracy - Opportunities

OpenDemocracy is running a confidential survey among journalists of 47 European countries to analyse how money shapes what gets reported

Expression Interrupted - Monitoring tool

Expression Interrupted is a website dedicated to tracking the legal process against journalists and academics in Turkey

Freedom of speech violations in Ukraine, 2015 Monday 18 January 2016 - Infographic


   The annual survey of the Institute of Mass Information "Freedom of Speech Barometer exposes a decrease in the number of press freedom violations in the country: in 2015, 310 violations ... Freedom of speech violations in Ukraine, 2015  ... Ukraine, Freedom_of_speech, Freedom_of_the_press ... Ukraine Freedom_of_speech Freedom_of_the_press ... In 2015 violations of press freedom declined in Ukraine compared to the previous year, but problems continue particularly in the field of access to information ... Freedom of speech violations in Ukraine, 2015

The Italian Paradox - HTML5 video

The Italian paradox: a country where the press is free but hundreds of journalists are under attack with threats, intimidation and special lawsuit

Freedom House – Ukraine Country report 2015 - Reports

Freedom House yearly report on media freedom in Ukraine provides a synthetic overview of the most important developments in the country during 2014

Germany: Press Freedom does not take precedence over relations with Ukraine and Russia - Legal Resources

On 8 December 2015, the 6th Senate of the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg decided that the Federal Government is not obliged to give information to a representative of the press on a report of the German ambassador in Ukraine

Threatened journalists in Italy - Datasets

423 attacks in 2017 and over 3500 since 2006: Ossigeno per l'Informazione monitors threats to journalists in Italy

Commemoration for Slain Journalist Hrant Dink and State of Press Freedom in Turkey in 2018 - HTML5 video

Eleven years after the murder of the Armenian journalist Hrant Dink the instigators of the crime are still to answer to justice, while press freedom in Turkey has suffered a dramatic decline in the last decade