European Anti-SLAPP Conference 2022


On 20 October 2022, the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom and the Case Coalition hosted in Strasbourg the European Anti-SLAPP Conference, aimed at examining initiatives against SLAPPs and their impact on journalism 

Bringing together journalists, civil society, policymakers, academics and lawyers, the conference shed light on the impact of SLAPPs on journalism and civil society and discussed available financial and practical support. The conference consisted of five panels:

  1. European initiatives to counter SLAPPs: representatives of European institutions discussed European initiatives against SLAPPs and their future plans for countering them.
  2. National initiatives to counter SLAPPs: national representatives presented and discussed governmental initiatives.
  3. Testimonies from recent SLAPP cases and how media are dealing with SLAPPs: media organisations shared their strategies for dealing with SLAPPs. Through testimonies from recent cases, the panel aimed to give journalists the opportunity to raise their voices.
  4. Role of civil society organisations in fighting back against SLAPPs: civil society organisations are also affected by SLAPPs. The panel provided answers to the question how one can fight back against SLAPPs.
  5. Advocacy and practical support for SLAPP victims: the impact of SLAPPs can be devastating. The panel focussed on ways in which the victims of SLAPPs can be supported. Advocacy and practical support represent important tools to back the person or institution concerned.

The conference ended with the European SLAPP Contest Award ceremony. The Case Coalition announced the winners of the second European SLAPP Contest in six different categories: Corporate Bully of the Year, SLAPP Politician of the Year, Litigation Addict of the Year, Bully Lawyers of the Year International Bully of the Year, and People’s Choice.