European Anti-SLAPP Conference 2022


On 20 October 2022, the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom and the Case Coalition hosted in Strasbourg the European Anti-SLAPP Conference, aimed at examining initiatives against SLAPPs and their impact on journalism

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Third regional conference on countering disinformation in the Western Balkans


Following the first and second Regional Disinformation Conference in 2020 and 2021, Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is organizing Third Regional Conference on countering disinformation in the Western Balkans on 1 June 2022 in Sarajevo in hybrid mode

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War against journalists in Ukraine


What is happening to Ukrainian journalists in the territories occupied by Russian troops? What stories do they tell once they manage to escape? How do journalists manage to carry on their professional duty, while trying to survive and evacuate their loved ones? What can be done to preserve a free media and protect journalists in Ukraine? Find out in thia new episode of Trouble with the Truth

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SLAPPs: what's next?


Trouble with the Truth with Lana Estemirova presents an overview of legal issues and victims' stories about strategic lawsuits against public participation

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Increasing the protection of human rights in the face of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation


Every day across the globe, people bravely speak out against injustice, often at great personal risk. Human rights defenders are at the forefront of promoting and protecting our human rights, natural resources, and shared planet, as well as playing a vital role in drawing attention to the harms created by abusive business practices and monitoring companies’ compliance with business and human rights standards. Human rights defenders are not anti-development, but they are often painted as such and face a range of attacks for merely speaking up against business-related human rights harms, especially in jurisdictions where the rule of law is weak and respect for human rights is lacking.

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Exploring the crackdown on freedom of expression in Central Eastern Europe – an EJN panel video recorded 11 October 2021


The EJN, together with their partners the Evens Foundation and Free Press Unlimited, hosted an online panel looking at challenges to the media and ethical journalism in Central Eastern Europe on 11th October 2021

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UNESCO conference on safety of journalists


The role of the judiciary and international cooperation to foster safety of journalists – What works?

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Safety and Independence of Journalism: Media freedom webinar


IPI: Addressing physical and digital attacks on journalists and media professionals as well as the deteriorating environment for independent journalism

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IPI's "Digital Censorship: Turkey’s New Social Media Law and Its Implications for Free Media" (Aug 31, 2020)


The IPI Turkish National Committee hosted the English-language webinar “Digital Censorship: Turkey’s New Social Media Law and Its Implications for Free Media” following the passage of Turkey’s controversial new social media regulations in July which dramatically expands government control over free expression on social media and online platforms

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