Conference recordings, documentaries and informative videos raising awareness on topics related to media freedom in Europe

No lockdown for press freedom: misuse of Corona crisis to silence journalism in Europe


A virtual talk that explores how the emergency measures for COVID-19 pandemic are affecting media freedom in Europe

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IJF19: Criticize Facebook? Sure. Leave? Why?


Should journalists leave social media platforms? A panel at the International Journalism Festival 2019

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IJF19: Bringing history into the news


A panel on the role of history in journalism to fight revisionism, fake news, and disinformation

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IJF19: Can art save journalism?


A panel about innovation in video storytelling

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IJF19: Fast & slow: the place of investigative journalism in a digital world


A panel about long-form investigative journalism and digital storytelling.

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IJF19: Can thematic newsrooms help fill the public-interest gap?


Over the past 3 or 4 years, a few donors and NGOs have started investing directly in funding, launching, or incubating thematic units staffed and run by journalists, and producing independent investigative journalism to cover public-interest issues they care about. Not everyone is comfortable with that, while others see this as natural

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IJF19: Beyond fake news: what's next for tackling online misinformation


James Ball surveys the landscape almost three years after "fake news" became the word of the year.

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IJF19: Technology and automation in the fight against misinformation


Numerous developments and initiatives that aim to counter the spread of false information with the aid of technology have emerged.

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CPDP 2019: Democracy distrupted?


In the election year for the European Parliament a debate is needed on the interplay between data protection, media and electoral rules, and on how regulators should act to ensure fair electoral processes in the digital age. A panel discussion held at the CPDP Data protection and Democracy 2019

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What is Data Exploitation?


A short video by Privacy International explaining the risks of data exploitation and what we need to do about it.

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