Conference recordings, documentaries and informative videos raising awareness on topics related to media freedom in Europe

Arman Fazlić: Against all attacks on journalists


This short video presents the contribution of Arman Fazlić of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Journalists’ Association to the panel "Media and journalism in the WB6: a very European issue" held in Trieste in the context of the Civil Society Forum (July 10-12, 2017)

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Killing Pavel: a OCCRP documentary


​On 20 July 2016 Belarusian investigative journalist Pavel Sheremet died in a car explosion in Kyiv, Ukraine. He was a critic of authoritarian presidencies in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The case is still unsolved, although the Ukraine Prosecutor's Office labelled the death a 'murder'. For over nine months, reporters from OCCRP and Slidstvo.Info conducted their own investigation, both into the murder and into the police probe – and recorded every step of the way. “Killing Pavel” is the result of these efforts

"Killing Pavel" was first shown in Italy on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day 2018 (May 3rd). OBCT made Italian subtitles that are available by request.

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Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2017


This video highlights some of the key facts and figures from the 2017 Digital News Report by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in under two minutes

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The fake news factory of Macedonia. Talking pictures with Guy Martin


In the aftermath of the US elections, documentary photographer Guy Martin travelled to Vales, the small town in Macedonia that became the heart of the fake news scandal

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Post-truth: what is it and what can we do about it?


The conference "Post-truth: what is it and what can we do about it?", organised by the Royal Statistical Society (UK), debated the issue of fake news and took into consideration what is really new about it, and what can be done to promote evidence and facts, with a focus on the UK

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The EJN 5 Point Test For Hate Speech


How can journalists determine what is hate speech? The EJN gives five points which media professionals should review before they publish

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Physical attacks against journalists - the hatred against "lügenpresse"


Lecture in German about the "lügenpresse" discussion and rising attacs on journalists in 2015

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Turkey: A Prison for Journalists


In 2016, Turkey became the world's leading jailer of journalists, imprisoning at least 81 reporters, editors, and producers, a record number.

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Soft censorship as a threat to journalism in Montenegro


Daliborka Uljarevic, Executive Director of Center for Civic Education (CGO), speaks for SEE Media Observatory about the media and soft censorship in Montenegro. In Montenegro, soft censorship is exercised primarily through politicised, discretionary and non-transparent distribution of public money and subsidies to media

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The Greek TV Licencing Series Story Explained


The revision of the Greek TV licencing has triggered a major debate over corruption and control of the media. In this video, AthensLive explains recent developments

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