Conference recordings, documentaries and informative videos raising awareness on topics related to media freedom in Europe

Double standard of freedom of expression


Tariq Ramadan, professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University, discusses the impact of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris on the discourse about Islam

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A Blind Eye on News: Self-Censorship in the Albanian Media


With this two-minute video, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Albania seeks to raise awareness among the public, media professionals and decision-makers about widespread self-censorship in the media in Albania

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5 Components of Information Literacy


Information literacy is crucial for media literacy. This explanatory video by the Seminole State Library of Florida presents the five components of information literacy and explains how this is related to freedom of speech and freedom of the media since it deals also with recognizing the limits and protections of free speech and censorship

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No Hate Ninja Project - A Story About Cats, Unicorns and Hate Speech


This short video by the No Hate Speech Movement advocates for public awareness, responsibility and education against hate speech

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Why should we care about press freedom?


Why should we care about press freedom? A short video released by UNESCO on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day 2013

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Media freedom and pluralism in Europe


Media freedom in Europe is severely threatened. In Italy, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, but also in the UK and France, this core element of democracy is under threat. Experts, journalists, activists from all over Europe present their point of views

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