News related to press and media freedom

Turkey: International delegation condemns passage of disinformation law and calls for protection of journalists ahead of 2023 elections


This week, seven media freedom, journalism, and human rights organisations met with key stakeholders in Turkey to discuss Turkey’s media freedom crisis

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Czech Republic: Media freedom groups urge MPs to pass media act amendment


The passing of this reform package is needed to help protect independence of public broadcasters from future attacks. Czech translation is available below

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Greece: Full scale of surveillance on journalists must be unearthed


MFRR partners back calls for the testing of mobile devices belonging to journalists in Greece who suspect they may have been targets of surveillance. The recent scandals require full transparency and accountability, and have underscored deepening concerns about the erosion of media freedom under the New Democracy government

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Slovakia: Deputy PM’s attacks undermined government’s broader efforts to strengthen press freedom


Media freedom groups express dismay over the recent attempts by deputy Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovič to denigrate the country’s media

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International Press Freedom Groups Condemn Turkey Disinformation Bill Placed before Parliament


Twenty five international organisations call on Members of Parliament to vote against the bill on “disinformation and fake news”, a law designed to criminalise the free flow of information. Turkish translation available below

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France: Investigative media outlets under attack in five gagging lawsuits


Media freedom groups raise concern over the recent wave of gagging lawsuits initiated by companies against several independent media outlets in France

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Democratic Values in the Digital Age Series: Strengthening Media Pluralism and Freedoms


Media freedom and media pluralism are essential to our democracies and are enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights. How can we safeguard media freedom and pluralism in the current digital environment? A conference organised by UCD Centre for Digital Policy

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Albania: Media must not face criminal prosecution for public interest reporting


Media freedom groups raise concern over the blanket publication ban issued by Albanian prosecutorial authorities regarding a trove of hacked data. No journalist or media outlet should face criminal sanctions for publishing information in the public interest

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Call for Italian political forces to take a stand against SLAPPs, a ‘slap’ in the face of freedom of information


The right of citizens to be informed about matters of public interest and of journalists to write freely about them cannot and must not be hindered by SLAPPs. Civil society's appeal to the future parliament to promote measures to contrast strategic lawsuits

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Joint Statement on the Proposal for the European Media Freedom Act


We co-signed a statement welcoming the European Commission's commitment to protect journalists and editorial independence within the EU

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