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Romania: MFRR to conduct media freedom mission ahead of super electoral year


On 22-25 January, OBCT and IPI - as part of MFRR - will conduct an on-line fact-finding mission to assess the current state of media freedom in the country

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Silencing Voices in Italy: The Erosion of Media Freedom


Italy's media is in crisis, battling legal onslaughts and facing a surge of censorship one year after the establishment of the far-right government led by Giorgia Meloni

By Sielke Kelner

(Originally published by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung , 16.01.2024)

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MFRR highlights threats to media freedom in EU Commission’s Rule of Law report


OBCT and MFRR partners participated in the European Commission's public consultations on the rule of law providing updates on media freedom in EU countries

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Voices Awards for Journalism: Call for entries


A journalistic contest within the brand new festival on journalism and media literacy in Europe

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Greece: Ahead of court hearing, SLAPP lawsuit against media and journalists must be dropped


OBCT joins international freedom of expression and media freedom organisations in condemning a vexatious lawsuit filed against Greek journalists and media by the nephew of the Prime Minister

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Poland: Recommendations for democratic reform for press freedom and public media


OBCT joins MFRR partners in renewing their recommendations to the new Polish government to improve the media freedom situation in the country in line with democratic values and the rule of law

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Croatia, the assault on the local press


2024 is the year of elections for Croatia: European, political and presidential elections will take place between next June and December. And with the electoral competitions, the race for control of the local media, particularly the regional ones, is gaining ground in a hardly transparent way

By Giovanni Vale

Originally published by OBCT. Also available in ITA and BHS

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Albania: SPAK must respect source protection in case of journalist Elton Qyno


OBCT signs a joint letter together with media freedom partners in the SafeJournalists Network, the Media Freedom Rapid Response, and Reporters Without Borders addressed to the head of the Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK) to raise concerns over the recent attempts to reveal the source of Albanian journalist Elton Qyno

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Hungary: Draft Sovereignty Protection Act poses fresh threat to independent media


OBCT joins MFRR partners in drawing the attention of the European Union about the chilling impact of the new Hungarian bill on independent media

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Anti-SLAPP campaigners from across Europe stand in solidarity with the Russian dissident authors after an injunction was secured against their publ...


Free expression organisations express their concern regarding the legal harassment of Russian émigrés investigative journalists

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