Publication Date: June 2009
KU Leuven MPM 2009

This report is the result of the initial phase of the European Commission commitment to stimulate and advancing the debate on media pluralism within the European Union, resulting in the elaboration of a Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM), and constitutes the basis upon which the MPM 2014 and subsequent monitoring tools have been elaborated by the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom. 

The study was implemented with the objective to develop a monitoring tool for assessing risks for media pluralism in the EU Member States and identifying threats to such pluralism based on a set of indicators, covering pertinent legal, economic and socio-cultural considerations.

A preliminary discussion of the definition and measurement of media pluralism is provided in Chapter 2, and an overview of the technological and economic trends in the media sector, and their likely impact on media pluralism is set forth in Chapter 3.

The outcome of this study is a prototype for a Media Pluralism Monitor – a risk-based, holistic, user-friendly and evolving monitoring tool that includes indicators of a legal, economic and socio-demographic nature. In order to account for the multi-faceted character of media pluralism, these indicators relate to various risk domains, including media ownership and/or control, media types and genres, political pluralism, cultural pluralism and geographic pluralism. Furthermore, they cover the various stages of the media value chain: supply, distribution and use.

A User Guide and Country Reports are included, describing the legal, regulatory and policy measures supporting media pluralism in 27 Member States.

This study was carried out by a consortium of three academic institutions, K.U.Leuven – ICRI (Interdisciplinary Centre for Law & ICT), Central European University – CMCS (Center for Media and Communication Studies) and Jönköping International Business School – MMTC (Media Management and Transformation Centre), and a consultancy firm, Ernst & Young Consultancy Belgium.

Tags: EU Member States Media pluralism

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