Support centres

NGOs, unions and firms providing media and journalism professionals with legal, financial and advocacy support, protection and training opportunities, and other tools

Committee to Protect Journalists

CPJ supports journalists who are in dire situations as a result of persecution for their work. The CPJ provides a Journalist Assistance program which helps journalists through a combination of financial and non-financial assistance. CPJ's Gene Roberts Emergency Fund dispenses emergency grants to journalists in distress worldwide. When necessary, CPJ lobbies governments or international agencies to help secure refugee or asylum status for journalists. CPJ work include:

  • Helping get medical care for journalists following brutal assaults in retaliation for their work, or for journalists suffering from mistreatment in prison.
  • Supporting journalists forced to go into hiding or to relocate within their countries to escape threats from local officials, militia, or criminal gangs.
  • Contributing to legal funds for journalists facing prison.
  • Evacuating journalists at risk into temporary havens.
  • Providing support for families of imprisoned journalists.

The safest way to report a press freedom violation is to contact CPJ is via SecureDrop. Here’s how

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Free media help line Bosnia Herzegovina - Linija za pomoć novinarima Bosnia Hercegovina

Free Media Help Line is part of the Journalists' Association of Bosnia Herzegovina, and functions as a local institution for the support and assistance to journalists in the implementation of their work, and for the protection of journalists rights and freedoms. Free Media Help Line encourages all journalists to report every threats or any interference in the exercise of journalistic duties.

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European Center for Press and Media Freedom

The ECPMF offers a Journalists-in-Residence Programme, providing a safe house in Leipzig, a scholarship, health insurance and publicity to dedicated journalists, who have come under pressure due to their work. To relieve them from a permanent state of anxiety, focus public attention on their situation and support their work, we shall host them in Leipzig. As an alternative it offers a scholarship to journalists and media freedom experts, who contribute in an extraordinary way to media freedom in Europe. If a proposed project is evaluated as essential, it is supported by the scholarship and the infrastructure of the ECPMF. More information about the Journalist-in-Residence Programme can be found here .

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