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Reporting from the danger zone - Books

A book based on 32 interviews with war-zone journalists compares yesterday’s and today’s challenges and stresses the importance of ethical journalism

Perfect Storm: The multiple challenges facing public service news and why tackling them is vital for democracy - Reports

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU)’s new study addresses those changing demands, much of which were researched during a rapid tour of small group of European broadcasters in the spring 2017.

Freedom of the Net 2017: Manipulating Social Media to Undermine Democracy - Reports

A comprehensive study of internet freedom in 65 countries, covering 87 percent of the world’s internet users: Freedom of the Net warns that governments around the world have dramatically increased their efforts to manipulate information on social media over the past year

Freedom on the Net 2017: Turkey Country Report - Reports

Although Internet freedom in Turkey has been gradually decreasing over the last years, it went through a sharp decline in 2017

Safety protocol with 16 points for journalists covering conflict zones - Manuals

A Safety Protocol for journalists covering conflict zones that was issued at the end of a two-day workshop in Diyarbakir (Southeast of Turkey) co-organised by the Journalists Union of Turkey (TGS) in partnership with the European and International Federation of Journalists (EFJ-IFJ)

Broadband coverage in Europe - Datasets

Europe-wide overview and country comparisons on broadband coverage across Europe

The cultural and economic power of advertisers in the business press - Academic Sources

A study of the impact of advertising practices on the editorial independence of reporters

Fög - University of Zurich - Stakeholders

Fög is a research center associated with the University of Zurich . It was established to monitor communication events, driven by three research questions:

  • Social transformation, namely the long-term observation of contemporary modern societies on the basis of public communication;
  • Structural transformation of the public sphere, focusing on changes in the interest patterns of public communication and their effects on society;
  • Transformation of institutions, organizations and roles, investigating on how the reputation of role-bearers is transformed by the news coverage.

These issues led to three research projects, namely on on political communication (how public sphere is changing in a mediatized society), economic communication (reputation of institutions) and quality of the media. On an annual basis, Fög releases the Yearbook Quality of the Media - Switzerland.

ECPMF Conference e-book: Introduction, presentations, and conclusions - Reports

A conference report collecting the materials of the conference "Promoting dialogue between the European Court of Human Rights and the media freedom community" of March 2017

Why Some Newspapers are Better than Others - Reports

A study comparing news coverage in different types of newspapers in two similar countries - Sweden and Switzerland - found that prioritising quality is as crucial as financial and human resources in order to produce quality journalism