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New Wikipedia page created: Media of Croatia - Wikipedia Item

The new Wikipedia voice "Media of Croatia" has been created in October 2015

Criminal Defamation Laws in Europe - Reports

Germany revealed as leading user of criminal defamation laws among 18 countries surveyed by the International Press Institute

Croatia: IREX Media Sustainability Index 2015 - Reports

IREX Media Sustainability Index (MSI) considers developments over time, with a specific focus on economic sustainability, quality of journalism and management practices 

Croatia Media Map - Reports

BalkanMedia by the KAS South East Europe Media Programme provides a synthetic map of the media situation in Croatia

Commercialization and Privatization of Media in Southeast Europe: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? - Academic Sources

This article discusses recent institutional changes in Southeast European media systems with a special emphasis on Croatia

Freedom House – Croatia Country report 2015 - Reports

Freedom House yearly report on press freedom in Croatia provides a synthetic overview of media freedom in the country during 2014, highlighting main trends and developments.

Building a safety net for European journalists - Reports

Needs and problems experienced by journalists in 11 European countries are the focus of these report curated by Eugenia Siapera 

Journalistic education in South East Europe - Reports

The role of journalists has dramatically changed in the last 20 years demanding adequate shifts also in the field of journalistic education, and more so in the countries confronted with democratic transition

The Transparency of Media Ownership in the European Union and Neighbouring States - Reports

A report based on a survey of media ownership transparency rules in 20 European Union (EU) and neighbouring states

Croatia - Media Integrity Matters - Reports

This chapter by the SEE Media Observatory research on democratic development of media systems in SEE focuses on the concept of "media integrity" in Croatia providing in depth analysis of several elements influencing the functioning of the Croatian media system