Reports and papers

Analyses on specific aspects related to press and media freedom, performed and published by research centres, non-governmental organizations and public bodies

Media freedom and independence in 14 European countries: A comparative perspective

A comparative analysis across 14 countries and across different types of media services with a view to evaluating and analysing media policy patterns and their contribution to the promotion of media freedom and independence

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The citizens' right to information: Law and policy in the EU and its member states

The study elaborates on the European Union citizens’ right to be informed and to enjoy their right to access information

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Global Survey on Internet Privacy and Freedom of Expression

The book maps out the issues in the current regulatory landscape of Internet privacy from the viewpoint of freedom of expression

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Caught in the Wheels of Power: the political, legal and economic constraints on independent media and freedom of the press in Turkey

Media freedom and independence in the history of the Republic of Turkey. Analysing the media market, practices and regulations with a particular focus on the political and ideological factors that lie behind a repressive media environment

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Journalism in Russia, Poland and Sweden – Traditions, Cultures and Research

The report attempts to analyze how “new digital technology, increased commercial pressure and the growth of a network society changes the conditions for journalism” in different countries, namely Russia, Sweden and Poland

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Getting the facts right - Reporting ethnicity & religion

A study realised by Media Diversity Institute on media coverage of ethnicity and religion in Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia and the United Kingdom

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UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity

The UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity is a systematic UN-wide plan for a free, safe environment for journalists and media workers

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Slovakia: Does Media Policy Promote Media Freedom and Independence?

In the framework of a project funded by the European Union – “European Media Policies Revisited: Valuing and Reclaiming Free and Independent Media in Contemporary Democratic Systems” – this study combines a country-based study with a comparative analysis across media sectors and media services in Slovakia

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The Right of Access to Information in Cyprus. Report and Recommendations

A report collecting the findings of a research on the right of access to information in Cyprus, conducted in 2010 by Access Info Europe, KAB and IKME as part of the Access Info Cyprus Project

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Professional journalism and self-regulation. New media, old dilemmas in South East Europe and Turkey

This UNESCO report provides an important insight into the evolution, current status and challenges of the effective implementation of media self-regulation systems in South East Europe and Turkey

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