Reports and papers

Analyses on specific aspects related to press and media freedom, performed and published by research centres, non-governmental organizations and public bodies

Board Compensations in the Media Industry: Global Elite Networks and Financialization

The aim of the paper is “to contextualize media companies top executives remuneration in terms of market reality”

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Western Balkans and Turkey. Media and freedom of expression fact-finding and scoping study

This report commissioned by the European Commission provides four sets of recommendations with close to forty detailed action proposals aiming at improving institutional capacities in the Western Balkans and Turkey to ensure media freedom and freedom of expression

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MEDIADEM Project Output and Areas for Future Research

This report summarizes the work of MEDIADEM’s project, lasted from 2010 to 2013, providing a synthetic and accessible overview of the project’s scientific and policy outputs

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European Union Competencies in Respect of Media Pluralism and Media Freedom

This policy oriented report, issued di the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom, presents the phenomena of media freedom and pluralism, and the major academic and policy debates surrounding their social, political, economic role and implications.

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A free and pluralistic media to sustain European democracy

This report presents the final recommendations drawn by the European Commission High Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism, established in October 2011 with the task to provide a set of recommendations for the respect and the promotion of pluralism and freedom of the media in Europe

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Migrants and Media Newsmaking Practices

This paper analyses the newsmaking routines of mainstream newspapers and TV channels in six European countries (Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland amd the United Kingdom) with a view to showing which factors mostly influence these routines with regard to the portrayal and the representation of immigrants in the mainstream media.

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Analysis of the Laws Pertaining to the Public Service Broadcasting System of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The report examines the legal framework regulating the public broadcasting service (PBS) system of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its three-fold structure and its financing

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A suitable case for transplant? The BBC and public service journalism in post-communist Romania

Can the values of public service journalism be transplanted to a society emerging from dictatorship? This paper is the first detailed account of the BBC's engagement with journalism in Romania after the fall of communism, including a description and evaluation of the journalism training carried out by the BBC in the country in the 1990s

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