This section provides a list of organizations working on issues related to media freedom, including monitoring and promotion of the freedom of the press, quality and ethics in journalism, media literacy, and transparency

Correctiv (CORRECT!V)

Correctiv (CORRECT!V) is a nonprofit investigative newsroom in the German-speaking world. It aims at making "investigative and informative journalism affordable and accessible to media organizations throughout Germany". Founded in 2014 it is part of the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

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Council of Europe

The Council of Europe (CoE) is Europe's leading human rights organization seated in Strasbourg (France). The Convention on Human Rights, signed by all 47 CoE member states, is an international treaty designed to ensure the protection of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. The European Court of Human Rights, a CoE organ, ensures the implementation of the treaty. The CoE work is organized through committees working on more specific topics within the vast field of Human rights, while the commissioner for Human Rights is an impartial institution established by the Council of Europe in 1999.

The Committee of experts on protection of journalism and safety of journalists (MSI-JO) is an inter-governmental committee operating within the Council of Europe. The MSI-JO mandate is to work on the protection of journalism and the safety of journalists and other media actors, taking account of the implementation of the UN Action Plan on the Safety of Journalists. official website

The Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media focuses on issues relating to culture, science, education, youth, sport and media in Europe. It has tree sub-commitees among which the Sub-Committee on Media and Information Society. official website

The Commissioner for Human Rights is an impartial and non-judicial institution established by the Council of Europe in order to to promote awareness of and respect for human rights in the 47 member states. His/Her main activities include country visits, conducting studies and giving advice on systematic human rights work, as well as rising awareness of topics related to human rights. official website

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Credibility Coalition

Credibility Coalition is a group founded in 2017 by Meedan and Hacks/Hackers committed to improving the information ecosystems by exploring the factors that lead to assess the credibility and reliability of an information.

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Croatian Journalists' Association (HND)

Founded in 1910, the Croatian Journalists’ Association (HND) has more than 2500 members. Its main goals are to defend freedom of speech, freedom of information and journalists’ rights. In 2015, it also founded the Center for Freedom of Expression which provides pro bono legal services and education to journalists. The HND is member of the International Journalist Federation (IFJ).

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Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation

The Foundation works to ensure justice for Daphne's assassination and to continue her fight for press freedom and liberal democracy and against populism, corruption and impunity in Malta and internationally.

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Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma

The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma is a resource center and global network of journalists, journalism educators and health professionals dedicated to improving media coverage of trauma, conflict and tragedy. Based at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University, the Dart Center is also involved in a variety of press freedom-related activities, including helping to spearhead the Global Safety Principles, campaigning on behalf of freelance journalists, supporting news organizations in developing countries, implementing initiatives to address psychological safety and spotlighting the cases of individual journalists targeted with violence. The Dart Center is a project of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. The European office of "Dart Center Europe" is based in London.

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Data Justice Lab

The Data Justice Lab is a space for research and collaboration at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Culture (JOMEC). Its aim is to advance a research agenda that examines the intricate relationship between datafication and social justice, highlighting the politics and impacts of data-driven processes and big data.

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Data & Society is a research institute based in New York City that is focused on the social and cultural issues arising from data-centric technological development. To provide frameworks that can help society address emergent tensions deriving from new technological developments, Data&Society is committed to identifying and researching issues at the intersection of technology and society, providing and encouraging research that can ground informed, evidence-based public debates, and building a network of researchers and practitioners who can anticipate issues and offer insight and direction.

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Deutsche Welle Akademie

DW Akademie is the media development branch of Deutsche Welle. DW Akademie supports the development of free and transparent media, and quality journalism by offering programs to boost media skills.
Moreover, produces reports and analyses on media developement to foster debate among research, NGOs and government bodies.

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Digital Women Leaders

Digital Women Leaders is for women and non-gender binary people working in news who are looking for advice from someone who understands their experience. Trying to survive motherhood and a leadership role? Feeling isolated from higher-ups? Want to talk to someone else who knows what it's like to be the minority in the room? Digital Women Leaders facilitate conversations with knowledgeable, understanding mentors who might otherwise be hard to find.

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