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Far-Right Nationalism and Populism in Europe: Assaults on Press Freedom - Reports

The study by the Media Governance and Industries Research Lab (University of Vienna) examines how far-right and populist political parties affect independent journalism in democracies and the specific threats they pose to it in 12 European countries: Austria; Bosnia & Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; France; Germany; Hungary; Italy; Montenegro; Poland; Romania; and Serbia.

Concentration of media ownership in Croatia - Wikipedia Item

A new section on concentration of media ownership  has been created within the article "Media of Croatia". This is part of the series on "Concentration of media ownership in Europe" and will be followed by other country-specific items

Measuring media realities. Media Clientelism Index 2016 - Reports

Clientelism, politicization and corruption hold media captured and prevent them from carrying out their watchdog role. Media Clientelism Index assesses the situation in 6 countries of South East Europe

Training course: European Journalism in the Digital Age - Opportunities

The Center for Media, Data and Society at the Central European University (Budapest) and SHARE Foundation (Novi Sad) invite applications for a “hybrid-style” training covering the challenges for watchdog journalism in the digital age

Access to public information in Croatia - Wikipedia Item

The article on Access to public information in Croatia  has been created. This contribution is part of the series on "Access to public information in Europe   " and will be followed by other country-specific items.

Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence - Opportunities

Each year, 10 journalists are chosen through open competition to conduct in-depth research into a topic of regional and EU significance. The theme for 2017 is CHANGE

Comparing models and demanding reforms of public service media in South East Europe - Reports

A comparative overview of funding and governing models of the public service media in the countries of South East Europe

Deterioration of media freedom in Croatia Thursday 01 December 2016 - Infographic


. This infographic presents and elaborates some of the aspects raised by different organizations working to support media freedom: among the sources included, ECPMF report  Croatia: Media Freedom in Turbulent Times ... Croatia, Media_freedom, Media_monitoring, Freedom_of_expression, Defamation and Libel ... Croatia Media_freedom Media_monitoring Freedom_of_expression Defamation and Libel ... Croatia is recording a generalized decline of the conditions pertaining to media freedom and pluralism ... Deterioration of media freedom in Croatia

Journalism Education in South East Europe - Books

A cross-national survey among journalism students in SEE enquires their motivation and level of satisfaction with current curricula, formulating recommendations for future developments

Digital Sustainability - Needs of Online Local Media in Serbia and Croatia - Reports

A research about the state and needs of local digital media in Serbia and Croatia points out that scarcity of financial resources and recurring threats against journalists represent the main challenges