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Eurasian Development Bank hosts journalism contest - Opportunities

Journalists from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia can compete in a contest organized by the Eurasian Development Bank

News media repertoires and strategic narrative reception: A paradox of dis/belief in authoritarian Russia - Academic Sources

In an article published on New Media & Society, Joanna Szostek examined the news media repertoires of a group of Russian university students, finding that, while they do not trust state media, they nonetheless internalised their strategic narrative

Freedom of Expression and Protection of Journalistic Sources - Reports

A new extensive report on the Protection of Journalistic Sources drafted by the International Legal Research Group and published by the Council of Europe and ELSA

The cyberspace war: Russian bots and Finnish public debate - Reports

A research article denounces the influence of pro-Russian online propaganda on Finnish public debate and suggests solutions to counter aggressive online disinformation

Contest on the Coverage of Ethnic Issues - Opportunities

The Guild of Ethnic Journalism and the Federal Agency for Nationality Affairs recognise the best coverage of interethnic interactions and ethnocultural development among the Russian peoples

New Wikipedia page created: Media freedom in Russia - Wikipedia Item

The new Wikipedia article " Media freedom in Russia " has been created in February 2016

New Wikipedia page created: Media of Russia - Wikipedia Item

The new Wikipedia article "Media of Russia" has been created in February 2016

Russian surveillance law - Legal Resources

In a case related to alleged mobile phone surveillance, the European Court of Human Rights decided that an editor in Russia was entitled to claim to be a victim of a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Discourse in danger. Attacks on free expression in Putin's Russia - Reports

The report “Discourse in danger. Attacks on free expression in Putin's Russia” illustrates the increasing effort by the Russian government to shape the information space, from the Internet, to children’s literature, to any independent cultural spaces, including theater and academia

EU Communication Policy in Its Neighbourhood in Light of Third-Party Propaganda - Reports

How EU can face Russian rhetoric and IS propaganda? A report from the Polish Institue of International Affairs