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Police Violence and Press Freedom in Greece - Reports

Police violence was a key topic of IPI’s November 2015 mission to Greece, carried out with the South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO). The visit highlighted how police violence against photojournalists is increasingly coupled with impunity. The report by SEEMO and IPI examines this trend.

Representation of minorities in the new media - Reports

A study published by Media Observatory presents a content analysis of coverage of minorities by prominent online media outlets in four Balkan countries

Greece: Press Freedom and Defamation Laws in a Time of Crisis - Reports

A general overview of the legal provisions related to defamation and insult in Greece and how these affect the work of the media

Criminal Defamation Laws in Europe - Reports

Germany revealed as leading user of criminal defamation laws among 18 countries surveyed by the International Press Institute

Greece's bailout referendum 2015: media coverage and the role of social networks - Reports

An article by a Greek multimedia journalist discusses the media coverage of the critical referendum and the role of social networks in challenging the mainstream narrative

The Euro Crisis in the Media: Journalistic Coverage of Economic Crisis and European Institutions - Reports

A Reuters publication on media coverage of Europe's financial and political crisis across ten EU countries

Media policy and independent journalism in Greece - Reports

This study identifies the urgent problems facing media policy in Greece and how they affect independent journalism

Freedom House – Greece Country report 2015 - Reports

Freedom House yearly report on press freedom in Greece provides a synthetic overview of media freedom in the country during 2014, highlighting main trends and developments

Monitoring Media Pluralism in Europe: Testing and Implementation of the Media Pluralism Monitor 2014 - Reports

The Monitoring Media Pluralism 2014 is a measurement tool updating and testing previous monitoring tools, designed to assess the risks to media pluralism in EU member states

Building a safety net for European journalists - Reports

Needs and problems experienced by journalists in 11 European countries are the focus of these report curated by Eugenia Siapera