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Data-Driven Investigations - Training

"The data is rarely the story in itself. This weekend will help you find the human face to add impact and relevance"

The Ethical Journalist's Toolkit - Training

There should be no journalism without ethics, particularly in a digital world, where there is a constant flow of information, much of which is false

Premio Roberto Morrione - Opportunities

A grant open to Under-31 Italian journalists to produce investigative documentaries or web-docs. Deadline on January 15th 

Covert Investigations - Training

This one day course in London will give you an insight into preparing an undercover investigation

Data Visualisation - Training

A one-day course in London on the principles of visualising data

The New Ethics of Journalism - Training

This Webinar will guide you through a new framework for ethical decision-making, helping you address and adjust to the changing expectations brought about by the evolution of technology and audience consumption habits

Ethics of Journalism - Training

A self-paced course on techniques and tools for journalists to confront complex and complicated ethical issues, make difficult decisions, and support those decisions

Media Landscapes 2017: Slovakia - Reports

In the last decade Slovakia media landscape has changed. In what direction is it moving? An updated picture drawn by the European Journalism Centre (EJC)

Back to The Drawing Board: Crafting the Ideal Journalism Curricula for South East Europe - Reports

The role of formal journalism education in advancing democratic process and media rights and freedoms has never been thoroughly analyzed in the SEE region

Workshop – Digital Storytelling for Journalists and Writers - Training

A digital storytelling workshop in Tbilisi led by online magazine The Calvert Journal