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Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age - Academic Sources

This paper is the introduction to a Special Section that systematically examines authoritarian practices in relation to digital technologies in multilateral, transnational, and public–private settings. It explains the research agenda and aim of the collection and briefly describes its contributions

The Effects of Mass Surveillance on Journalists’ Relations With Confidential Sources - Academic Sources

A qualitative study on the way real or perceived surveillance impacts on the behaviour of journalists and their relationship with sources

Surveillance: Critical Analysis and Current Challenges - Part 2 - Academic Sources

The second volume of Media and Communication 2015 Special Issue on surveillance explores the effects in term of privacy erosion deriving from the pervasive surveillance practices

Surveillance: Critical Analysis and Current Challenges - Part 1 - Academic Sources

This special issues of Media and Communication is devoted to the topic of surveillance, examined by taking into account a variety of theoretical approaches as well as by providing in depth case studies