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Milan city of refuge: protected residences for threatened journalism - HTML5 video

A public event to present the Journalist-in-Residence (JiR) project, coordinated by OBC Transeuropa, Q Code Mag and the European Center for Press and Media Freedom, members of the Media Freedom Rapid Response, to relaunch the idea of ​​Milan as a shelter city for journalists

CPDP 2019: The GDPR and the freedom of expression - A rocky relationship - HTML5 video

Art. 85 GDPR leaves most of the responsibility to reconcile the right to the protection of personal data pursuant to the GDPR with the right to freedom of expression and information (Art. 11 CFR) to the member states. However, many states did little to nothing to pass specific rules to relieve the mentioned addressees. Thus, has the situation for the freedom of expression fundamentally changed? To what extent do certain rules of the GDPR enable or require a media-friendly interpretation? Which member states fulfilled their obligations to pass rules under Art. 85 GDPR? Could the lack of such rules enable a misuse of Data Protection Law that could jeopardise media freedoms? 

Physical attacks against journalists - the hatred against "lügenpresse" - HTML5 video

Lecture in German about the "lügenpresse" discussion and rising attacs on journalists in 2015

Martin Hoffmann (ECPMF) at the Media and Culture Committee of the German Parliament - HTML5 video

ECPMF reporter Martin Hoffman has briefed Germany's MPs on the rising number of attacks against journalists, as Germany’s refugee crisis erupts in political violence

ECPMF conference puts press freedom on the map - HTML5 video

They came from twenty three countries to the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom’s base in Leipzig, East Germany … top politicians such as Elmar Brok, the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs spokesman, leading lawyers such as Russia’s Galina Arapova, campaigners like Melody Patry from Index on Censorship, top managers like Hans-Ulrich Jörges, editor-in-chief for Special Affaires, Gruner + Jahr, Hamburg, and leading academics including Professor Dirk Voorhoof from Ghent University.