Infographics produced by different media outlets and research centres, focused on specific aspects related to media freedom in Europea

The Rise of Digital Repression: a PEN Interactive Report


An interactive infographic by PEN America about the impact of governments imprisoning and persecuting writers for what they write, blog, and post online.

Digital media enable greater space and potential of expression around the globe, but this opportunity is counterbalanced by governments imprisoning and persecuting writers for what they write, blog, and post online. With this interactive infographic, PEN America reveals statistics from PEN's caselists over the past 12 years, showing a dramatic increase in the number of writers imprisoned and on trial for use of digital media.

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European Western Balkans: 2015 World Press Freedom Index


Based on the World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders (RWB), the think-tank European Western Balkans has developed this infographic comparing media freedom rankings in the Western Balkans.

According to the index elaborate by RWB, Macedonia and Montenegro show the most negative results, ranking #117 and #114, respectively. Concerning results are expressed also for Kosovo and Albania, ranked #87 and #82 respectively.

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IPI: Criminal Defamation in Europe


This infographic by the International Press Institute (IPI) presents comparative data on the impact of criminal defamation in different European countries.

This visualization is part of the broad IPI project on defamation, Out of Balance: defamation law in the EU

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Hate speech: a 5 point test for journalists


How can journalists determine what is hate speech? A 5-point test has been developed by Ethical Journalism Network in several languages

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Increasing pressure on press: Democracy in question in Turkey (July-September 2015)


The Independent Communication Network Bianet releases periodic reports on the situation of media in Turkey. For the period July - September 2015, the report highlights how the serious deterioration of press freedom in the country is seriously questioning the democratic character of the regime.

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