Infographics produced by different media outlets and research centres, focused on specific aspects related to media freedom in Europea

Journalists Imprisoned in 2018


An infographic by the Committee to Protect Journalists

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Sexual Harassment Toolkit's Awareness poster


This awareness poster is part of the toolkit developed by Women in News to deal with and prevent sexual harassment in the media organisations

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Why fund Publice Service Media with the licence fee?


EBU's latest publication shows the vital importance the licence fee maintains for Public Service Media (PSM)

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The EAVI Guide to Privacy and Tracking


This guide by EAVI shows you how online tracking works and offers a few tweaks and recommendations for increasing your privacy and limiting the amount that you are tracked online

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Beyond Fake News – 10 Types of Misleading News


With 80% of Europeans now regularly going online, it is vital for the sustainable and effective functioning of democracy for citizens to be able to curate their media diets with a healthy critical eye. This infographic by EAVI identifies 10 types of potentially misleading news

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Foreign media ownership in Europe


A CMPF fact-sheet that highlights how only 5 EU member countries set limits to foreign capital in the media sector

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Media concentration in Albania


In March 14, 2018 Reporters Without Borders and BIRN Albania presented the Media Ownership Monitor (MOM) of Albania. The research found that in the Albanian market audience and revenues remain highly concentrated in the hands of a few, family owned groups, which dominate the media market

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The trust gap between broadcast and new media


An infographic representing the key findings of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) report "Trust in Media 2017"

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Getting away with murder 2017


An infographic summarizes the main findings of CPJ’s 2017 Global Impunity Index

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Cross-media concentration in Serbia


Media Ownership Monitor (MOM) is releasing country reports on media ownership highlighting specific critical issues. Have a look at cross-media concentration in Serbia

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