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Uncovering Commercial Bribery - TRACE Prize 2018 - Opportunities

Third edition of the investigative reporting award to international reporters who uncover business bribery

Data-Driven Investigations - Training

"The data is rarely the story in itself. This weekend will help you find the human face to add impact and relevance"

Covert Investigations - Training

This one day course in London will give you an insight into preparing an undercover investigation

European Press Prize - Opportunities

The fifth edition of the European Press Prize is welcoming entries from the 47 countries of the Council of Europe

Whistleblowers: looking for European protection - Article

The second of a series of three thematic itineraries to explore the Resource Centre on Media Freedom through a curated aggregation of contents.
 Photo fillingthev0id CC BY-NC 2.0

Protection of journalistic sources is a basic condition for press freedom - Legal Resources

The new judgment Becker v. Norway by the European Court of Human Rights strengthens the protection of journalistic sources

E-Mail Encryption: how to use Open PGP - Training

These usefull links can provide assistance when encrypting e-mail traffic

ECPMF Conference e-book: Introduction, presentations, and conclusions - Reports

A conference report collecting the materials of the conference "Promoting dialogue between the European Court of Human Rights and the media freedom community" of March 2017

Italy: a case endangering journalists’ rights to report and protect their sources - Legal Resources

An analysis of the background and context of the on-going case involving Italian journalists Davide Vecchi and Augusto Mattioli, who are writing about the bankruptcy scandal of an historical Italian bank

Freedom of expression: the crucial role of Strasbourg - Legal Resources

In Strasbourg on March 24th, judges, journalists, lawyers and activists discussed the challenges facing the protection of free expression in Europe