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Identifying misinformation - online course - Training

A new online course from First Draft helps journalists use free tools to track down, source, and verify information they find online


CIJ course: R for Journalists - Training

How to get the most out of one of the most popular programming languages for dealing with data

CIJ Course: Data Visualisation - Training

When, why, and how to turn data into something visual

CIJ Course: Using SQL to Dig Into Databases - Training

When Excel is not enough for your data analysis

CIJ Course: OpenCorporates for Journalists - Training

Exploring the corporate world through data

CIJ Course on Data-Driven Investigations - Training

An opportunity to brush up on core data skills and combine them with advanced internet research for rich, in-depth investigations

CIJ Summer Conference 2018 - Training

A training event for journalists, activists, students, and academics

Investigating Twitter - Training

A session on social media trends and manipulation techniques, organized by the Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ)

Webinar: use of ATI/FOI laws in investigative reporting - Training

A talk with two investigative journalists from Pakistan and Jordan 

European Journalism in the Digital Age - Training

A legal and practical boot camp for journalists, activists, and lawyers