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A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity - Manuals

Noah Kelley is the writer and developer of this guide. Fiercely dedicated to establishing a culture of safe, accessible, and enriching technology free from exploitation, Noah explores cyberfeminism through the activist organization HACK*BLOSSOM. This guide is intended to be a comprehensive and accessible introduction to some of the most valuable cybersecurity tools available

Safety of Female Journalists Online- A #SOFJO Resource Guide - Manuals

A Guide that aims to fill the gap between theory and the realization of online safety for women journalists

Sexual Harassment Toolkit - Manuals

The toolkit offers guidelines for media employers and employees on dealing with and preventing sexual harassment in media organisations

What if...? Safety Handbook for Women Journalists - Manuals

A safety handbook for media women based on the writer's personal experience. What if...? considers different categories of women journalists (international women journalists, regional journalists and local journalists), and the threats they face, providing advice and recommendations on security and safety

Peace journalism handbook - Manuals

Bianet released a handbook on Peace-Journalism, proposing a professional model that is human rights-oriented, fair instead than “objective” and infused with feminist theory

Transgender Europe - Guide for Journalists - Manuals

Transgender Europe’s Guide for Journalists is a practical guide on how to cover stories about trans people, or about issues which affect trans people, in a fair and respectful manner