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2024 Premio Roberto Morrione Academy - Training

Associazione Amici di Roberto Morrione has opened a call directed at providing professional training to young investigative journalists

Call for Applications for Training in Podcasting - Training

Reporters, editors and producers from six Western Balkans countries are invited to apply for a training in investigative podcasts led by prominent international trainers who produce podcasts for the Reveal and Bellingcat investigative journalism websites. Deadline 14 March 2021

Covert Filming - Training

A one-day course providing an insight into the many aspects for preparation of an undercover investigation

Covert Filming - Training

From technical advice on covert filming equipment and techniques to the ethical and legal aspects

CIJ Course: OpenCorporates for Journalists - Training

Exploring the corporate world through data

CIJ Summer Conference 2018 - Training

A training event for journalists, activists, students, and academics

The Deep Dive: Investigative Journalism That Matters - Training

An online group seminar for investigative journalism that rights wrongs, corrects the historical record, and makes the world a better place

Data-Driven Investigations - Training

"The data is rarely the story in itself. This weekend will help you find the human face to add impact and relevance"

Covert Investigations - Training

This one day course in London will give you an insight into preparing an undercover investigation

E-Mail Encryption: how to use Open PGP - Training

These usefull links can provide assistance when encrypting e-mail traffic