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Ten years that changed the media: 2007 - 2017 - Reports

How to turn threats into opportunities? A study on the new global media landscape, with special focus on Spain 

The Ethical Journalist's Toolkit - Training

There should be no journalism without ethics, particularly in a digital world, where there is a constant flow of information, much of which is false

Webinar: The New Ethics of Journalism - Training

This Webinar will guide you through a new framework for ethical decision-making, helping you address and adjust to the changing expectations brought about by the evolution of technology and audience consumption habits

Ethics of Journalism - Training

A self-paced course on techniques and tools for journalists to confront complex and complicated ethical issues, make difficult decisions, and support those decisions

Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries: best practices wanted - Opportunities

An European consortium is leading an educational project to build gender culture in newsrooms

Protection of journalistic sources is a basic condition for press freedom - Legal Resources

The new judgment Becker v. Norway by the European Court of Human Rights strengthens the protection of journalistic sources

Webinar: Trust-Building Strategies for Journalists - Training

Why trust in journalism is decreasing and what to do about it

Journalism in Times of Crisis: Case Studies in Six SEE Countries - Reports

A study on the way the media in 6 South-eastern European countries have reported on recent socio-political crises

Why Some Newspapers are Better than Others - Reports

A study comparing news coverage in different types of newspapers in two similar countries - Sweden and Switzerland - found that prioritising quality is as crucial as financial and human resources in order to produce quality journalism

Workshop in London: Reporting on migration and refugees - Training

A workshop on reporting on migrants, refugees and other vulnerable groups on 4-8 September