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Articles by scholars on press and media freedom published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Open access articles are privileged

The impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on artificial intelligence

A study by Professor Giovanni Sartor published by the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology, within the EPRS,European Parliamentary Research Service

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Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation

"A weapon to intimidate people who are exercising their constitutional rights, restrain public interest in advocacy and activism; and convert matters of public interest into technical private law disputes”

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Transnational Journalism Networks “From Below”. Cross-Border Journalistic Collaboration in Individualized Newswork

This paper analyzes cross-border journalistic collaborations primarily initiated beyond large media organizations

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Advice concerning the introduction of anti-SLAPP legislation to protect freedom of expression in the European Union

The paper analyses the current EU legal framework and recommends that the European Union adopt with urgency a series of measures to limit the abuse of defamation laws and the chilling effect on press freedom

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The spread of true and false news online

MIT researchers investigated the difference in the diffusion of true and false news on Twitter

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The SLAPP from a Sociological Perspective

This paper is authored by one of the two academics who invented the acronym Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. Penelope Canan, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Denver studied SLAPPs together with George W. Pring, Professor of Law at the same university, adding a sociological perspective to the legal analysis

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How Media and Politics Shape Each Other in the New Europe

In this study, Alina Mungiu-Pippidi gives a fundamental contribution to the theorisation of the media capture phenomenon, exploring “the development of new strategies to control media contents and influence” in the aftermath of the 1989 revolutions

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European University Students And Social Media. How Do They Talk About Online Disinformation In View Of The 2019 European Parliament Elections?

European students see misleading news as a threat to younger generations, but consider themselves immune as they are confident in their ability to detect unreliable web content. This is one of the findings of this master thesis, which examines students' attitude towards social media and disinformation online

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SLAPPs: Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation

This article, published in 1989, originally presented with the additional title “Protecting Property or Intimidating Citizens”, contains the very first academic definition and study of SLAPPs, the lawsuits aimed at silencing freedom of expression

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Informational Autocrats

The paper analyses the role of the media in establishing and maintaining modern-day authoritarian regimes. The authors offer a formal account of how such systems work, emphasising the importance of the gap in political knowledge between the “informed elite” and the general public as a key element of informational autocracy

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