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The European media discourse on immigration and its effects: a literature review

The authors of these paper, published on the Annals of the International Communication Association, conducted a literature review of the studies about media coverage of and media effects related to immigration in Europe

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Characterizing Information Diets of Social Media Users

The authors of this paper examined the topical composition “information diet” of Twitter users

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Troll Factories: The Internet Research Agency and State-Sponsored Agenda Building

Darren L. Linvill and Patrick L. Warren (Clemson University) published a working paper about the methods used by the Internet Research Agency, a Russia-sponsored troll group

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Mediated Personalization of Executive European Union Politics

A piece of automated content analysis on a corpus of articles covering the European Commission from 1992 to 2016

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Populism in online election coverage

How populist messages by media actors, political actors, and readers are distributed via online news articles, and reader comments during election campaigns in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and France

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Commercial pressures in Spanish newsrooms

A study based on 50 interviews with Spanish journalists examines how they respond to commercial pressure from newspapers’ advertisers

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Media Independence through Routine Press-State Relations

A case study of media independence and press-state relationship based on coverage of migration in the United Kingdom

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The spreading of misinformation online

What is the same and what is different in how conspiracy and scientific news spread online? According to this article, published on PNAS and written by 8 authors based in Italy and the US, for both homogeneity is the primary driver for diffusion, but the cascade dynamics is different.

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Radical Journalism: Lessons from Greece

How radical journalism in crisis-stricken Greece understands itself and operates in a context that can be described as post democracy

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